Track sleep, Not sheep.

It's time to "wake up" to sleep health. With the Zz app, you'll optimize your energy levels and circadian rhythm 24-hours a day to unleash the vibrancy, productivity, and health you've been dreaming of. 


How We Snooze

How does our sleep tracker app work?

Create a bedtime ritual.

Start winding down. Set notification reminders for bedtime. Turn off your phone's blue light. Meditate or read a book. Our app helps you create a personalized nighttime plan to naturally lower cortisol levels and start the production of melatonin, so you can drift to sleep with ease. 

Sleep soundly.

Place your phone on your bed or wear your tracker watch. The app senses your sleep movements to track and analyze sleep data. Daily reports and weekly roundups give you recommendations for improved sleep patterns and habits.

Wake up refreshed.

Our alarm clock senses when you're ready to wake up according to your REM cycle. No more waking up groggy and grouchy in the middle of a dream. The soothing sounds and sunrise settings wake you up healthfully and naturally.  

Catching zzz's

Studies show that not sleeping enough is directly linked to stress, depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease, gene mutation, and even cancer. Don't let your nighttime snoozing impact your health.  

That's why we invented our sleep app. We make it easy and fun to change your sleep patterns and enhance your wakefulness to bring you optimal health and wellness. Take control of your sleep. Take control of your body. Take control of your life.

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Finally, get the rest and relaxation you deserve.